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The Influence of Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui on Younger Generations

In Feng Shui, Chongqing Yinzhai Feng Shui is the grave of the dead. The ancients regarded death as a yin and had a house to live in the yin world, so the tomb was called a yin house. The ancients even paid more attention to the yin house than the yang house. Therefore, it pays more attention to detail.

Compared to Yangzhai, Yinzhai pays more attention to the small and smart layout, so-called "Yinfei is not convergent, and Yangfei is uncomfortable." Yinzhai chooses a place with a compact structure, and it is suitable to be small.

Yinzhai first can use various methods to determine the true and false points of the hole, and then must pay attention to the depth of the stick method, put the rod down and put the coffin, in order to get angry. Only by matching the pattern of nature can we take advantage of the dragon spirit. Taking the gathering point of the dragon's air veins as a hole, you can get the aura of heaven and earth with the handrail, the court case and the guardrail of the landscape. Those who live in harmony with time, land transport, and mountains and waters are rich and wealthy houses.

The so-called "Sky Slash" refers to a narrow gap between two high-rise buildings. The narrower the gap, the more fierce, but if there is another building behind it to fill the gap, it does not matter. The so-called "Tian Sha Sha" refers to a narrow gap between two high-rise buildings, because it is like cutting from half-air into two halves with a knife, so it is called Tian Shasha.

Yinzhai Fengshui believes that Yintai Mountain together with Nancheng Tower in the west, back against Nanshan, and Nanshan together constitute a tiger head. There is Phoenix Mountain in Lingdong. The shape of the mountain is like a Phoenix. Lingxi has Yuxian Mountain, which looks like a turtle. The mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor is full of dragons, turtles, tigers and phoenixes, presenting a peaceful atmosphere.

The holy land of Huangling is surrounded by mountains and water, and like the Tai Chi, it bears yin and yang. Huangling and Yintai Mountain are the two eyes of the yin and yang fish, and the Jushui River is the dividing line of the yin and yang fish. Therefore, it is said that the Huangshan Mausoleum of Qiaoshan is a model of ancient Chinese tombs.

The bones of the ancestors must be placed neatly after the acupuncture, and the joints of the bones should be placed in situ. If there are missing knuckles, they must be carefully turned over to find out, so as not to cause physical harm to future generations. The most fearless and the most superstitious. They do n’t know anything about Yi Xue, Numerology, and Feng Shui. They dare to criticize the profound and profound Yi Xue Numerology and Feng Shui. It shows how fearless they are! They just say that Yi Xue Numerology Feng Shui is superstitious. Real superstition!