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The Correct Use of Feng Shui in Chongqing

The color of Chongqing home feng shui should be mainly light, for example, white makes the space transparent and spacious; modern silver gray can also be considered; brown gray is the main color, which is more suitable for most people's hobbies; gray or brown color is smart Translucent and elegant; light brown in large areas is bright.

The kitchen lighting is also very particular about Feng Shui. Most kitchens are dark and humid, which is not in line with Feng Shui or modern principles that kitchens must be kept fresh and clean, because a dark kitchen will not bring a clean and bright feeling. Therefore, the kitchen should use fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lamps are both bright and power-saving, and should be the first choice in practical terms.

When decorating the kitchen, how to use the mirror correctly is also a problem worth noting. The use of mirrors in feng shui has both positive and negative effects. Correct placement of mirrors can improve or improve the status of feng shui, but if improperly placed, it will cause damage to the homeowner. Traditionally, the taboo of hanging mirrors in the kitchen is that the mirrors cannot shine on the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and the food in the pan is hit, the damage will be even greater.

The so-called "sit fierce" means that the stove should be placed in an unlucky position to suppress the evil spirit, but it must be "Xiangji", that is, the fire door of the stove must be in the direction of Geely to absorb the auspicious gas. The so-called "fire door" refers to the furnace mouth. If it is a liquefied gas furnace, the front opening and closing system is the fire door, and the fire door is suitable to face the Kyrgyzstan.

The home feng shui is located in the south, which has the effect of killing evil and warding off evil, and is also psychologically guaranteed, which can make people healthy and longevity, healthy growth of children, and energetic; if the stove is located in the north, avoid litigation disputes, eliminate the disaster of water and fire, and safe home; If the stove is located in the east, avoiding fires and thieves, the family will be diligent and frugal, and will not waste, easy to gather wealth; if the stove is located in the southeast, it can prevent scourge. These are of course traditionally said

The stove should not be adjacent to the refrigerator. The refrigerator and the stove are adjacent. The heat impact on the refrigerator is definitely not conducive to the refrigeration of the food. Not to mention the consumption of electricity, it will also cause the food to rot and deteriorate quickly. Although the kitchen area in the house is not large, it is impossible to separate the two, but it should be as far away as possible.

The stove must not face the balcony. The balcony is a place where sunlight is taken, which makes people feel very hot, and the stove is located here, the home will be very hot. After the false fire rises, it is easy to slow down the body's metabolism and make the human physiological cycle worse.

In modern houses, due to the limited area, in order to facilitate design and save space, they often connect the kitchen to the bathroom, and even open the door of the bathroom in the kitchen. When entering or exiting the bathroom, pass the kitchen first and then go to the bathroom. In fact, this situation is very inappropriate for home feng shui.