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The decoration feng shui in the company is a mysterious technique with a long history in China. Also known as the blue bird and blue sac, the more academic statement is called Kan Yu. It is the doctrine of studying the microscopic matter (air, water and soil) and macroscopic environment (heaven and earth) on which human beings depend for survival and development. Zhang Jinhua, a descendant of Heavenly Master and Feng Shui master, said: Yi Jing Feng Shui has space in Feng Shui and time in Ba Zi.

1. The entrance is the throat of a house and the most impressive place. The porch material is best to be opaque. The house feng shui pays great attention to "harvesting the wind and holding the air", so that the wind can play a whirl effect and help to eliminate the evil. The entrance is located on the left or right of the main entrance, which is more advantageous. Try to avoid choosing dark or dark colors in the tones of the porch. Dark colors are easy to make people depressed.

Second, the living room should not be dark, the living room feng shui first light is sufficient. The bright living room can bring prosperous family life, so the wall of the living room should not choose too dark colors. The floor of the living room should not be uneven. The floor of the living room should be flat, and there should not be too many steps or the difference in height. Some living rooms use a high-low level partition design, so that the floor level has a significant change, so family luck is also likely to be bumpy due to the undulation of the floor.

Company grievances are one of the reasons for the bad feng shui of the company, so it is necessary to avoid the patterns that will cause grief in life. If the company is in a building, when the company's door is opposite to the elevator door of the building, it will touch the breath of the opening. This kind of breath will cause the company's feng shui to be bad, and the company's financial luck will be damaged. At that time, it will absorb the good luck of the company and the wealth of the company. Such a pattern is very unfavorable to the development of the company! It is also one of the important willingness to lead the company's bad feng shui. In addition, when the company's door is opposed to the downward staircase, it will also cause a bad feng shui gas field. This pattern will also affect the company's financial luck! The orientation of the company's gate must also consider the external environmental pattern. After all, the external environmental pattern is not good, but the company's gate is facing this direction, which will inevitably bring the company's bad gas field, resulting in the company's poor feng shui gas field. Among them, Feng Shui believes that when the gate is facing the elevator of the company building and is directly opposed to the elevator, such a direction is very unlucky for the company's Feng Shui; to know that the gate is opposite to the elevator, it is actually an opening. The pattern of sha, this pattern brings shame to the company, which is naturally not conducive to the company's feng shui gas field; in addition, the gate is opposite to the elevator, and every time the elevator is opened and closed, the good feng shui in the company will be sucked away, which shows that the gate is facing the elevator Is a taboo that has to be vigilant!