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Zufen Fengshui

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Zufen is very important for every family, not only related to our luck, but also the future prosperity of this family. Is n’t our country ’s 5,000-year feng shui research a feng shui luck that we can continue for 5,000 years? ? According to the basic theory of feng shui, ancestral grave feng shui has a great influence on future generations, that is to say, every family and family now has a lot to do with your ancestral grave feng shui. This is undoubted, everyone can Take a look at the surrounding families and families, as well as their ancestral grave Feng Shui to know the approximate. The southeast of Zufen is a beautiful place facing the mountains and rivers, so the family and family women are generally in good luck, because the southeast is Xuan Gua, otherwise it is good for the men of the family, so try to balance the children when studying the Zufen Fengshui So that the family can thrive. Three mountains plus one river is a basic aspect, and the other five elements are also a key point. The second is to find a relatively central location. When these are combined, the factors of the heavenly and earthly branches are added. This time it is a conservative good location. Of course, no matter how you choose, the main point is that the location of the graveyard is higher!

The ancestral tomb feng shui determines the number and prosperity of each person and their descendants' fortunes, official luck, achievements, status, merit, merits and demerits, academics, prosperity, and future generations. The blessing and wealth, the official position, the pros and cons of future generations, the achievements, and the fortunes and luck of a person all depend on the luck of the cemetery feng shui of their ancestors. If the ancestral grave is not good for Feng Shui, it will inevitably affect the fortunes of its children and grandchildren, and bring many scourges.

Those who are angry with the sky are born, those who are angry with the sky are killed. The life of man is breathing and breathing, and is connected with the breath of heaven and earth. The reason why people can live without dying is because people can gather their qi. This qi lives for the spiritual energy endowed by heaven and earth. The ups and downs are also subject to the operation of heaven and earth, and must not violate the road of rebellion against heaven and earth. After a person returns to the fairy centenary, its bones must also have the spirits of the world, mountains and rivers, and return to the original, that is, "the burial is also angry". The funeral construction must be based on the vitality, the Longzhen cave, the water is the supremacy, the male and female of the Longshui are matched, and the yin and yang couples are matched, and the good days of the heaven and the earth are in operation, and the wealth and wealth will be glorious.

The burial person, Zangya, is also angry. "Angry travels in the ground, and it is born out of everything." "Yin and Yang Erzhai Quanshu" said: "Angry travels in the ground and cannot be seen directly, and its prosperity appears as a mountain. Therefore, Long is the place where he is angry. The earth is the mother of qi, the qi is thick and the mountain is high, and the qi is long and the dragon is long. Qi is the mother of water, the dragon travels with the water, and the water boundary is the dragon. "The dragon is inseparable from the angry and the water flow." The dragon and the water meet at the Xuankong, "Longzhi Qi gathers into a good land. The back of the cave is tall. Ancestral mountain, coming to the dragon and deep ups and downs, strong dragon spirit, the two dragons and tigers complement each other to guard, in front of the cave, unloading the concave wind, increasing the momentum inside, the bright hall is wide, the opposite case, as the dragon water flows from the mountain, the front is The curved embracing disappeared, the ancestors of the dynasty outside the case mountain embraced each other, and the surrounding mountains were surrounded by multiple layers, that is, the outside of Longhu Mountain also embraced the mountain protection. The sand of the estuary interlocked, and the cave field gathered wind. Annoying, the land of good luck!