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Career career feng shui

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The career career feng shui that professionals need to know is very stressful in the workplace, but anyone who works hard in the workplace does not want to achieve a career. If you want to show up in the workplace, in addition to your own hard work, some common sense on Feng Shui will also help you achieve success more easily.

1. Reasonably arrange seat backing

The firmer the backing of the office's actions, the stronger the fortune of this person is, and the more attention the leaders attach. Moreover, the seats in the back have strong business capabilities, can grasp the overall situation from the environment, and at the same time fully protect their privacy, truly reaching the state of being able to attack and retreat. Some friends may say that my seat can only be an aisle or other people ’s seats ca n’t be arranged against the back. What should I do? In fact, you can use a beige dress on the back of your seat and drink like an elephant The way to artificially make a backing to remedy.

2. Strengthen the layout of Qinglong

The so-called Qinglong orientation refers to the left hand side of you sitting on the seat, that is, the so-called "left Qinglong, right white tiger." Qinglong Fang is in charge of career and thinking ability. Especially for boys, Qinglongfang itself represents your own career ability. Therefore, we can put important office supplies, such as computers, on the left, and let our desks show a pattern of high left, low right, and "long strong and weak weak", which will greatly help your overall career. Of course, if you are a girl, you can also focus on using Tiger Edge. But don't let the tiger's edge mess, this will have a great impact on the body.

3. Auspicious wall charts or photos

If your desk is close to the wall, then arranging a carefully selected auspicious wall chart is an excellent way to promote your career. Such auspicious wall charts include traditional Feng Shui auspicious paintings, as well as pictures, photos or scenes that make you feel good in your heart. Many friends put pictures of their parents, loved ones or children on their desks, which is what it means. When you are under pressure from your career, the supportive eyes of loved ones and the once happy scenes will touch your heart.

The four-leaf fengshui plant in the office where the office worker flourishes is the most profitable, so if your desk is relatively spacious, it is better to put a pot of green plants on the financial position. This will have a very good effect of wealth, but remember not to be aquatic plants. The office Feng Shui five office desks with crystals are placed on the office where the business is flourishing. This sentence also reflects the important role of crystal in Feng Shui. So what kind of crystals in many categories are most suitable to be placed on the desk? Of course, this is also different from person to person. If your own work is more sloppy and your thoughts are confused, you can place amethyst products to improve yourself. Wisdom. If it is not possible to make money, not only does not raise wages but is always deducted, it is best to put citrine or green ghost. And if you are not popular, and you do n’t like the boss and colleagues, you can put pink crystals to improve your social luck. All kinds of small changes or small decorations can change your career.