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Wenchang Fengshui

Wenchang Fengshui

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Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to Wenchang Fengshui. Wenchang is not only related to children's studies, but also to the promotion of official careers, so it always needs to attach great importance to adjustment. In terms of the relationship between good feng shui and good luck in a broad sense, Wenchang also represents work and career, especially friends or businessmen engaged in clerical work. Many auspicious items that regulate Wenchang Fengshui not only improve people's taste, but also cultivate people's sentiments, and promote interpersonal relationships and learning progress, so we must make good use of Wenchang Fengshui. The Wenchang position is where the Wenchang star flew into the house. This orientation exists in every dwelling, as long as the study or desk is higher than the Wenchang position. For reading, exams, writing, planning will be improved. How to determine the Wenchang position of each house?

Feng Shui tips:

1. The front of the house should not be filled with high soil. If it is high in the middle, the water in front of the door will flow in two directions, so there is no back. 2. If there is a path from the northeast corner of the house from Genfang to Kunqun, there are more thieves in the main house. If it's the road, the person who goes to jail. 3. There is a road in front of the house into a half-moon shape, and its home is bound to be wealthy. 4. If there is a reverse arch in front of the house or after the house, there are more women who are not right, or men who elope. 5. The narrow inside and the wide outside is a blessing, and the head wrap is Pingyang. 6, Mingtang is like a nest, who is comparable to the rich. 7. Thousands of outer arches are not as good as the case of sleeping bows. 8. Reach out and touch the case to accumulate billions of dollars. 9. Banyan trees should not be planted in the yard. 10. The curtains are like tears, and weeping at home. 11. The crystal lights in the hall are teardrop-shaped and unlucky. 12. The front garden of the house is large and the main auspicious; the back garden is large and the main culprit. 13. Open the door to see the water master Ji, open the door to see the mountain murderer. 14. The ceiling is too low, and the pressure after the stay is high. 15. No boulders can be stacked on both sides of the door, especially boulders with red threads, which will cause death and injury in the home. 16. It is not allowed to place huge stones in the southwest corner of the house, or build rockery, which is easy to kill people. 17. The portrait of the ancestors hangs in the house, and the fortunes of children and grandchildren are always poor. 18. If you have a pregnant woman at home, do not decorate, build a house, or nail it on the wall, otherwise it will cause miscarriage. 19. The family should not hang the portraits of celebrities who have passed away. But Mao Zedong seems to be able to suppress evil. 20. The master-guest bedroom in the house must not be set up to worship the gods or ghosts, otherwise the house will be restless. 21. Married couples, no photos of women or peach blossoms can be hung in the northwest of the residence; no photos of men or peach blossoms can be placed in the southwest. Otherwise, one party must have an affair. 22. There are pits in the southeast, which is unfavorable for women; there are pits in the southwest, which are not good for mothers; there are pits in the northeast, which are bad for children; 23. Residential houses should not be placed with various statues of birds and beasts, otherwise they will easily cause evil.