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Feng Shui fortune telling

Feng Shui fortune telling

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    The core idea of Chongqing Fengshui fortune-telling is the harmony between man and nature. Early Fengshui mainly related to the methods, principles, such as the location, orientation, and construction of palaces, residences, villages, and cemeteries. "Feng Shui" was originally a technique of looking at the earth, that is, the method of spot-checking the geography on the spot. It is also called geography, and it is called Feng Shui in the past. Since people are a part of nature and nature is also a part of people, it is not uncommon to reach the state of "unity of man and nature". According to legend, the founder of Feng Shui is Jiu Tian Xuan Nu. The more perfect Feng Shui knowledge originated in the Warring States Period. Feng Shui is the precious experience accumulated by human beings in the long-term living practice. Toward the sun, shelter from the wind and rain, prevent fires, travel near water sources, and benefit from travel have become basic living theories. Feng Shui is always in the process of traditional Chinese architectural activities. From site selection planning, architectural monomer, garden sketches, indoor and outdoor decoration design to construction, it is almost everywhere.

Everyone talks about the method of changing lives, using the Feng Shui layout to change the transportation, or adjusting the sand and water of the Yangzhai house, or the finality with the nine-star, which is intended to steal the heavens. Opportunity. It's a pity that most people are eager to steal, but they don't think about diligence and merit. Therefore, the good fortune and bad fortune are still the same. In the eyes of most people, the ups and downs of life is life, but everyone knows that smooth sailing is something that can be encountered but not sought.

The reason why mortals cannot become saints is because they are entangled with delusions. The mortal fails to reach unintentional, unintentional means external appearance, not internal. The outside is not tempted by the five desires and six dusts, and the fame and fortune, and the heart cannot afford the delusion of greed and infatuation. It has already become a fixed number.