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Gather money

Gather money

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Everyone is thinking about how to make their fortunes flourish. This method is very mysterious in the yin and yang five elements feng shui. In fact, the principle is very simple.

First of all, you must know your eight-character taboo. You can ask the numerology master to analyze it. Five elements, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, gold represents the west, wood represents the east, water represents the north, and fire and earth represent the south. If you have a happy character, it means that the west is good for you; Ximu, the east is good for you; Xishui, the north is good for you; Xihuo, the earth is good for you. Knowing the taboo and which direction is beneficial to you is easy to handle. You can follow the following methods to increase your luck, and if you get more luck, the money will naturally increase.

One is to turn your head in the direction you like while sleeping, and sense the favorable breath in the direction you like. For example, if you like water in eight characters, it means that the north is good for you, so when you sleep, turn your head to the north. This method works best because people spend about a third of their sleep time, lack of resistance, and are most vulnerable to favorable and unprofitable auras. If you are in a direction that is beneficial to you, the influence of accepting the favorable breath of heaven and earth will be strengthened, and the influence of the breath of heaven and earth on you will be weakened.

The second is to properly allocate financial positions. The financial position is diagonally opposite to the entrance door. The reason is the same in the living room, business place and single apartment at home. Knowing your eight-character taboos, you are in the financial position for the mascot of the five elements. The choice of wealth mascot, such as Bazi Xishui, crystal position of the wealth position, and water-saving landscape features; such as Bazi Ximu, the richness of bonsai with broad-leaved plants; Bazi Xijin, the position of copper and golden rooster, and the like; Bazi He loves fire, and puts wealth in wood or ceramics.

Gathering fortune

1. Left hand bites money and right hand keeps money

The strength of the human aura varies with fortune. People with exposed wealth, difficulty in getting rich, and provoking poor ghosts said that the aura was not enough and the yang was weak. Because there is no distinction between men and women, the flow of popularity is left-handed and right-handed. At this time, you may wish to wear lucky charms on your hands to achieve the purpose of enhancing luck and fortune.

Left hand biting money

Generally, jade or gold jewelry shops sell rings in the shape of toads or leopards. The materials are not limited, and they are worn on the little finger of the left hand. Remember that the mouth of the toad or leopard should be facing outside during the day, which means that it bites all the wealth, and at night it will turn its direction to itself, symbolizing the wealth entering the Naku.

Right hand

Banknotes that prevent white flowers are like surging rivers. Once and for all, you can wear a square ring on the ring finger of your right hand. The golden material such as gold and citrine is the best. Because the right hand represents the outflow of people, and the ring finger in the five elements also represents "gold", that is, money, so we must use the ring to lock the wealth, to achieve the effect of keeping money.

2. Take advantage of the five elements

Using five kinds of natural elements with different energies: Dongling jade, pink crystal, citrine, white crystal, and amethyst, carefully connected with lines to form a tree, used to symbolize "wood, fire, earth, gold, The five elements of water form an unbreakable and powerful magnetic field. It can be placed in a conspicuous place in the entrance of the home or in the living room, and can also be placed at a 45-degree diagonal wealth at the gate. , Full of wealth.