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There will be a shadow wall in the gate of the traditional house, which can block the brakes and Najib. Although it is impossible for a modern unit building to be a wall in the door, the furnishings after entering the door are still very particular. Feng Shui master will tell you how to set up in the door in the modern home!

Getting started should see the entrance

The entrance refers to a transitional space between the entrance door and the living room, which is equivalent to the shadow wall in the traditional door. On Feng Shui, there is a principle of "Straight Rui Ruiqu", that is, the Qi Qi runs straight, and the Rui Qi is curved and swirling. The shadow wall and the porch in the gate can block the straight running of the Qi Qi, but it does not prevent the curved and swirling Rui Qi from entering the door. Make a certain buffer inside and outside the house.

Getting Started

Calligraphy and paintings will not occupy too much room space, and the cultural atmosphere is strong, the meaning is generally auspicious. After entering the door, I can see an elegant painting and calligraphy, which can not only reflect the cultural cultivation of the homeowner, but also increase the peaceful atmosphere.

Getting started

Many hand-painted shadow walls are very beautifully made. Not only does it enter the first landscape of the house, the content on the shadow wall can also attract similar auras to enter. For example, setting a blessing on the shadow wall can let blessing enter the door. Inside the gate of a modern house, whether it has a porch or not, it should be decorated with auspicious meaning and joy.

Getting started should see green

Put beautiful, vigorous green plants in the door, or place it as a porch, which is simple and can well block the evil spirit outside the door. And the vigorous vitality can promote the vitality of the gate, which is a good feng shui that is conducive to career and wealth.

Entry is not suitable for seeing the mirror

The mirror has a strong reflective gas field effect. If the door that is the mouth of the gas is facing a mirror, it will reflect the new gas field that has just entered the door. Magnetic fields cannot be incorporated into fresh air.

Entry is not suitable for seeing the stove

As the old saying goes: "Open the door to see the stove, money is a lot of money", the kitchen represents a family's "treasury", the location should be hidden. When you see the kitchen door directly after entering the gate, it will be exposed to the treasury, which will make your family frequently break through the money and cannot save money.

Entry is not suitable for seeing the window

"Open the door and see the window, money will run out", the doors and windows on both sides of the room or the doors, windows and windows will face each other. Feng Shui without wealth.

Entry is not suitable for toilet

The toilet is the most filthy place in the home. The toilet in the modern building is still heavy in moisture and multiplying bacteria, and there will be a relatively heavy unclean atmosphere. The bathroom door is opposite to the main door, and it is difficult to enter the door because of the impure air.