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    Chongqing home feng shui is a part of feng shui research, its research object is people and environment. The research of home feng shui is to make the two compatible, suitable and compatible. It can analyze the external environment and indoor environment of the home carefully and observe the situation. Taking people as the core, combining time and ground transportation to make a comprehensive evaluation, the results are obtained, and a corresponding solution is designed according to the problems that arise.

[Y-shaped ground up] Where two roads obliquely intersect to form a Y-shape, a triangular terrain will be generated at the intersection. According to feng shui, for example, a house built on this ground is prone to fire or many disputes, which makes house transportation decline. The scripture said: There is a road like a fork, and his father, son, son, son, son, son, son, son, and son. The road in front of the door is very bad for this family if it is hedged against the door like an iron fork. It will cause discord between the father and son, the family is uneasy, and the ancestral property is sold.

Feng Shui tips:

1. Poor in front of the temple and rich in the back of the temple. 2. The door is on the balcony, and it is not run down. 3. The housing is not square, and the people in this house are sick. 4. The missing corner of the southwest damages the mother, the missing corner of the northwest damages the father, and the missing corner of the northeast damages the small mouth. 5. Mingtang is like sowing rice, and descendants are poor. 6. Door to door, the good or bad need not ask; I am good, he is bad, he is good, I am sad. 7. If the hall is too small, it will not make much money. 8. The kitchen and toilet are in the same palace. 9. The house is sullen, and ghosts come to make fun of it. 10. The door in the house is hedged and the tongue speaks at home; couples often quarrel and have different tastes. 11. See Fang Tang in front of the door, doing ridiculous things. 12. Getting started with the house and backgammon, you need to know that you will become a rich man in the future. 13. If the door is facing the window, no money will enter the funnel. 14. There are no thresholds for houses, and money flows out; 15. Sancai people in the world, Sancai door main stove in the house. 16. The fence is fitted with barbed wire, and the official disaster can't be stopped. 17. Recurve from the front, hoping that it will always fail. 18. The front of the road is affectionate, stay in peace. 19. If the house has no back, the blessing is always not enough. 20. When the house sees the grave, the children and grandchildren should find a way to live. 21. The main door of the residential door is relatively unharmed, which will not damage Ding and also make money. 22. No idols can be placed everywhere in the home, easy to provoke fierceness. 23. Mirrors are everywhere. 24. The mirror is facing the big bed, seeking medical attention every day.