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Decoration Feng Shui Planning

Decoration Feng Shui Planning

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Decoration Feng Shui planning: Kan Yu Feng Shui, heavenly way; Yu, authentic way. Kanyu is Fengshui, one of traditional Chinese culture. "Historical Records" parallels Kanyujia and Wuxingjia, who originally intended to look up at the sky and look down at the geography. Those who are called Feng Shui by later generations said: "Kan Yujia", so Kanyu is also called Feng Shui in Chinese folk. However, it may be said that "Kang Yu" not only looks at Feng Shui, but should be divided into five parts, namely: The Compass, the Xuan Kongxue, the burial method and the Xingjia.

The dwelling is a place where yin and yang meet, and it is the basis for whether the family members are healthy and harmonious. Everyone needs a house, although there are big houses and small houses, there are differences between yin and yang. Even if the guest lives outside and stays in a fighting room, there is a difference between good and evil. Zhai Da has the theory of Zhai Da, and Zhai Xiao also has small theory. Feng Shui taboos must have disasters, and the disasters will only stop if the town is run by a stone. This is the same as the effect of using drugs to treat diseases. Therefore, it is said that people who live in residences live in peace. If people live in a home and live peacefully, this home can be auspicious and prosperous; otherwise, it will lead to the decline of the home. As for the grave of Chuan Gang (Yin House Feng Shui), the principle is the same as mentioned above. From the military state of Bangguo to the county and township of the county, down to the villagers of the village, and even those who live on the mountain, as long as the place where people live, they have the same rules of peace and prosperity, and restlessness and failure.

Throughout the ages, there are many theoretical books on residential feng shui, the main points of view are similar, and the theory is profound and profound. If you violate the taboo of feng shui, you will be blamed for the disaster without exception, resulting in a house but not living, is this lesson painful? The sages of the predecessors have left the Feng Shui scriptures, and the warnings are very clear and eye-catching. Descendants don't know how to do it, and there is no evidence for the house. The so-called elephant count, sun and moon, heaven and earth, cold and heat, male and female, day and night, yin and yang, five elements, four columns of eight characters, gossip, and so on. It is all-encompassing and one-by-one, and it is ever-changing and metamorphoses. This yin and yang principle is really broad! Its Yinsheng everything is the mother, and its Yangsheng everything is the father. Yin and Yang are the ancestors of the heavens and the earth, the ancestors. It's good to go with it, prosperity goes smoothly, and it's bad luck to go back. This is exactly the same as the world is loyal to the king and he is the official, and the rebellion is the same as the destruction of the family. The theory of residential feng shui is divided into twenty-four roads, gossip, and nine palaces. It matches the position of men and women to distinguish the boundaries between yin and yang. The reason for the fierceness is not enough. Home magic.