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Peach Blossom Estimation

Peach Blossom Estimation

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Peach Blossom Estimation: Eight-character marriage refers to the exchange of Gengtie between men and women before marriage to determine whether the eight-character match, which is called "eight-character marriage". The so-called marriage is to match the eight characters of the man and the woman together, and to study whether the five elements of the two characters are harmonious, the good luck of the two parties, the seriousness of the years, and the problems of rushing. In the future, the marriage of the two will be fortunate, and reasonable suggestions will be put forward to prevent the unfortunate marriage from happening, so as to improve the quality of the marriage.

Peach blossom is the foundation of marital passion, life without peach blossom can be said to be a life of regret.

1. The peach blossoms are the most prosperous when the ill-fated Mist executive kills luck

In the game, the robbers represent brothers and friends, and the official kills represent boyfriends and husbands. In the game, there are not many men who feel close to me than those who have been robbed, and there will be a sense of urgency for emotional help. When the lord of the fate is killed by the official, it symbolizes the luxuriant period of the peach luck of the lord of the fate. Although there is a robbery in the fate of the game, it is implied in the utopian livelihood that someone and the lord of the robbed boyfriend and husband However, due to his prosperity, his life is more competitive, his chances are better, and his role model is better, so he becomes the ultimate successor.

2. Peach Blossoms are the most prosperous in the fortune-telling Missi's Fortune Star

The fortune star is killed by the official assistant, and the fortune star represents the gentleness, emotion, feelings, money, etc. of Mies. Therefore, when Mies runs his fortune, the Lord not only has good money, but also passionate and beautiful, and will automatically use his tenderness to stimulate the fighting spirit of boyfriends, husbands, and lovers, and use his own money to subsidize boyfriends, husbands, Lover's career, etc. Because of the clouds, the peach blossoms of the destiny are not perfect!

3. Fate of the day, Zhu Zhu is the most prosperous peach blossom in Yuanyang

In the eight-character numerology, Riqian represents the life-lord himself, but the husband represents the marriage ambition of the husband and the body and mind of the life-lord. Hehe is an information sign of the peach blossom in the eight-character numerology. Assuming that the fortune-telling master's fortune may appear to be in perfect harmony with the fate, that is, the mandarin ducks, the peach blossoms of that lord will naturally flourish. What is Yuanyanghe? For example, the Japanese princes are ugly, and when they meet Gengzi in the Universiade or the fleeting years, it is a mandarin duck couple, because B and Genghe, ugly and Zihe are also.