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Marriage and marriage

Marriage and marriage

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Marriage and marriage have a long history in China. This folk custom has been tested by thousands of years of marriage practice from ancient times to the present. Its influence has been deeply ingrained in the hearts of Chinese people, and its methods have also become more mature and scientific. A very rigorous and prudent event requires the predictor to have meticulous professionalism and objective and rational analysis and deduction of the eight characters of marriage before they can make a scientific reference conclusion. It is not the warlocks on the rivers and lakes who only understand the fur of four-poster forecasting. Operable.

The male life that Rizhu takes for himself is usually born in a wealthy family, and the luck of the young things is very good. The peach blossom marriage is fortune-telling and the family is very wealthy, so he has been a wealthy person since childhood and has also developed a luxury watch. Life habits; but the middle-aged luck is more general, and without the protection and care of the parents, when everything needs to be on his own, he ca n’t be happy, so the male middle-aged luck of the Mao Zedong is more general. Repeatedly, ups and downs, the career is more ups and downs! In terms of marriage feelings, Taohua ’s masculine marriage feelings are common, especially with his wife ’s more conflicting feelings. Perhaps the wife ’s personality will make them unbearable, so it is easy to produce disgust in marriage. His wife is very dissatisfied! Marriage matching, fortune-telling and marriage. This kind of dissatisfaction can easily lead to a series of quarrels and boredom, and it can even lead to the male fate of the male who is looking for an extramarital partner to satisfy his inner emptiness. If you want your marriage to go smoothly, you must treat your partner with a tolerant heart, otherwise the marriage is difficult to be happy!

Bazi is the time of a person's birth, it records the state of the five elements of Qi at the moment of birth. The Five Elements Qi is an invisible biological aura. Everything in the world has an aura, including plants, animals and even an object. For humans, the strength and balance of the five elements of each person's gas field are different. For two people living together for a long time, they are close to each other at the same distance. , Or it is beneficial to me, or both sides are beneficial, or both sides are detrimental, and so on, and their respective fate trajectories have undergone some lucky or fierce changes. This can be seen from twin brothers or sisters. When two people with the same character are unmarried, there are many similarities and lucks in the same place. Like the year Yingji, the same year, the same year. Father and so on. Once married, the difference between good luck and each other will be relatively obvious. For example, there may be differences in the year of the birth of the child, and the divorce year of the marriage is not necessarily the same. This is because although the two characters of the two people are the same, the character of the spouse is not exactly the same, and the aura is different, interacting, so that there is a difference in luck.