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Emotional marriage calculation

Emotional marriage calculation

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Everyone hopes that husband and wife can grow old together. Unfortunately, in marriage, a very small number of people can be kind, and really do the same thing. As the days grow, you will inevitably look at me, I will not look at you. At the other, it's just noisy and noisy, and it's just a matter of life. More importantly, feelings will be diminished. It has been said that marriage should also be regarded as a business, and it must be attentive. Although this statement is not accurate, it is not without reason. Before they got married, many people began to worry about marriage. They always came to ask whether they would divorce in the future. Today, we will talk about this issue from the palm.

From the point of view of numerology, a person will have several marriages in his life, which can be roughly estimated, but it requires a deep foundation of numerology, and most people cannot understand. Phenomenology is more intuitive. Sometimes the pattern changes of some parts, the shape of some parts, etc., can be seen quickly and accurately. Generally speaking, from the following situations, emotional marriage can be measured.

(1) Looking at the emotional line and the wisdom line, are there any 8-shaped symbols, that is, two small round symbols appear on these two lines. If so, it also shows that there are also turbulences in the marriage and divorce. In the words of the photo book, this is called the island pattern. It probably means a knot like a rope, that is, if the knot appears on the emotional line or the wisdom line, it means that marriage is easy to relate to, easy to have twists and turns, and easy to divorce.

(2) At the position below the little finger, there are generally several short lines. These palm lines are called sex lines and also represent a person's fertility. You can take a closer look at which one of the lines in this place is the clearest. Find out which one is the clearest and see if it is broken. If it is broken, it means that there is a chance of divorce in your life. If there is a broken line in this clear line, a few paragraphs are broken, which generally means that there are several marriages.