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Eight character marriage

Eight character marriage

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Chongqing's eight-character marriage , old customs, before and after the marriage between men and women exchange Geng Tie, to determine whether the eight characters match, called "eight-character marriage." The so-called marriage is to match the eight characters of the man and the woman together, and to study whether the five elements of the two characters are harmonious, the good luck of the two parties, the seriousness of the years, and the problems of rushing. In the future, the marriage of the two will be fortunate, and reasonable suggestions will be put forward to prevent the unfortunate marriage from happening, so as to improve the quality of the marriage. Add here to warn everyone. Ancients said: It is better to demolish a temple than a marriage. The same is true of the eight-character marriage. The grandfather created the basic law and supplemented hundreds of rules. Its purpose is to warn all numerologists about the marriage of relatives, and judge the verdict of happiness. If it is not the marriage of ten thousand robbers, and you are not very sure, you must not be guilty of a murder.

When they are married, the woman first writes the daughter's Niangenba as "Geng Cambodian stickers". "Bazi" is the stem branch of the birth year, month, day, and hour (the collective name of the Tiangan and Dizhi branch, that is, the Tianzi's A, C, E, G, and Ren are matched with the ugly, 卯, Si, Wei, Wei, and Hai of the Dizhi, A total of sixty groups are used to represent the year, month, and day), which are sealed with red paper and sent to the man, which is called "pressing the post" and "under the small order". The man presses the woman Fang Geng under the censer in front of the stove. If there is no unlucky thing such as breaking the bowl or catching in three days, please fortune teller. Marriage depends on the genus and the destiny. The genus is Zizi, Ugly Cow, Yin Hu, Mao Rabbit, Chen Long, Mi Snake, Wu Ma, Wei Yang, Shen Monkey, You Ji, You Ji, Hai Pig. If the genus is coincident, it depends on whether the natal life is compatible. Destiny is five elements, namely wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. The five elements are related to each other: wood to fire, fire to earth, earth to gold, gold to water, and water to wood; the five elements to form are: wood to soil, soil to water, water to fire, fire to gold, and gold to wood. The destiny of the five elements is determined according to the natural ancestors of birth, namely Eastern Jiayimu, Western Gengxinjin, Southern Bingdinghuo, Northern Renguishui, and Central Wujitu. If the man's first child is born in the wood, and the woman's Bingchen is born in the fire, the wood can produce fire, and the life can be married, and can be married; if the man is born in Wuchen, it belongs to the earth's life, the woman is born in the unitary life, is a wood, and wood can be The soil, the fate of each other, is an example of taboo.

Marriage cannot affect the marriage, but it can affect or improve the quality of the marriage. The eight-character marriage is based on a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between the five-character taboos, nayin taboos, nianganzhi taboos, punishment, rush, union, and harm of two people's eight-character, judging the ups and downs, finding out the taboos, and analyzing their own lives. Defects, imbalances, and then choose to complement one's own life and benefit.