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"The Book of Changes" permeates these development and change laws of nature into its own forecasting theory system in its own unique way, and puts its own theory system under the guidance of a correct and scientific cosmological view to make its prediction scientific and accurate. Sex has laid a solid foundation. Now in China, Peking University has opened Zhouyi advanced training courses, Nanjing University has a postgraduate course of "Zhouyi Philosophy and Decision Management", Zhejiang University has an internal EMBA "Zhouyi" Wisdom and Innovation internal course, and Hunan Normal University has launched "Zhouyi Culture" And Chinese civilization "courses and so on.

Tianyan—Network prediction consulting company was established in the spring equinox of 2017, at the time of the recovery of all things; in 2018, it was officially approved for registration. The center specializes in Chongqing Fengshui fortune telling, Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui, Chongqing Cemetery Fengshui, Chongqing Home Furnishing Fengshui, Chongqing Store Fengshui, Chongqing named and named, Chongqing Bazi fortune telling, Chongqing palmistry face, Chongqing forecast peach blossom, Chongqing Bazi marriage, Chongqing lottery dream interpretation, Chongqing Choose Jiji service, free consultation with masters, serving Guangdong, Guizhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places.

Man can not admit his fate, but he must not know his fate. First, he must understand the fate of his own destiny in order to know how to change his destiny. Many people think that Yi Jing's destiny is a feudal superstition and a swindler, but it is not. The Book of Changes, as an ancient classic book, is a book of divination and prediction on the surface, but it is analyzed in terms of hexagram order, hexagram name, hexagram image, rhetoric, and deduction process, which contains Chinese traditions. All ideas and principles of moral philosophy

Our professional team brings together many domestic experts and elites in various fields, which can be described as a talent pool. Therefore, please believe that we will be honest, professional, precise, and rigorous for you to avoid evil, seek good fortune and avoid misfortune.

The Feng Shui transit ornaments produced by Tianyan Studio have a strong function of prosperity and luck. It is like the Chinese zodiac sign of Tai Tai, the bronze compass of Huasha, the lucky pigeon, Jin Chan, the lion of the town house, the unicorn, the pen of Wenchang, the silk ribbon of Huasha, the five-element transfer bracelet, necklace, ring and so on. , Suitable for placement and wearing. These are not only independently developed by the team of experts in Tianyan Studio, but more importantly, they are blessed by the monks of the Taoist Dao, giving the mascot spirituality, and the customer feedback is very good. Tianyan · Feng Shui small things, each is personally tailored according to your numerology and taboos, and will never be repeated or collided with anyone. Tianyan Studio is a private Feng Shui consultant and private numerology butler around you, 365 days a year, 7 × 24 hours at any time.